Moving Container VS. Truck Rentals

No Driving
All the cost and potential liability related to a truck rental are gone because portable moving containers are delivered and picked up from your location.

Ground-Level Loading & Unloading
Portable moving containers are very easy to load and unload because unlike trucks there are no ramps or lifts to deal with.

Fixed Costs
Truck rentals have variable costs such as fuel, tolls, and mileage charges to factor in with insurance and daily rental rate. A moving container rental provides a predicable cost. 

Storage Unloading
After you load your container at your place, it can be stored and redelivered to your new place when you need it. With a truck rental; you’d have to unload and load again into a storage facility.

Time Restrictions
Portable storage containers can be dropped off and loaded over time so you can pack at your own pace. It’s far more costly to have a rented truck parked in your driveway for days as you load it.