Packing Portable Moving Containers

Packaging Supplies Needed
Having the right packing supplies will protect your items from dirt and damage and make it easier to hold your positions in place during transit. Moving straps, plastic wrap, and furniture pads are worth their expense if you value what you’re moving.  A moving dolly can be very helpful in moving appliances and heavy boxes.

Moving Container Loading
When loading your container start with putting large heavy items like furniture and appliances in first. You might want to consider wrapping your appliances in a furniture pad and your upholstered furniture in plastic wrap to protect them from dirt and damage. After loading a few large items fill any space with boxes or other items– always load floor to ceiling and pack tightly to prevent shifting during transport.

When items shift and move in transit is when they get damaged. Spend the extra time making sure you pack items snug and fill in any empty spaces with boxes, pillows, couch cushions and extra furniture pads. Attach moving straps to the containers tie downs to secure the load as you fill the container.

Make sure to distribute the weight while loading evenly front to back and side to side. Secure items at the end of the load with moving straps to prevent items shifting toward the door which could hinder the door from opening or falling forward.