How To Pack A Self-Storage Unit

Packing a storage unit is like putting a puzzle together. Put it together well and you can safely fit a lot of stuff inside. You will not end up with damaged items.

Remember to place cardboard or plastic tarp on the floor prior to loading to help protect your goods. It is also recommended to cover furniture with plastic sheets or pads to protect them from scratches and dust.

Start with large furniture, appliances and load them on the floor. Continue by packing heavier items on the floor. Keep the items in their upright positions. If you have any old blankets or sheets, use them to protect wood surfaces and corners.

Then start loading the largest and heaviest boxes on top of the appliances and furniture. Make sure to fill any cavities beneath tables and under desks. Try to use standard boxes which will enable easy stacking.

Next, stock lighter boxes on the heavier boxes, making sure the lightest boxes are on top. And finally, stock all fragile boxes or items on the very top; ensuring that nothing else will go on top of those items.

Do not leave anything flammable or hazardous in your storage unit: no gasoline, oil, propane tanks or chemical liquids.