Truck Rental 101

Renting a truck and doing everything yourself is usually a cheaper alternative to hiring a full service moving company. For that reason many people choose it for their moving needs. However, when renting a truck it is not always easy to make the right choice.

During the peak season such as the summer months, or during the weekends, trucks lease out quickly. Make sure to book a truck at least one month before your planned move. On the day of the move arrive at the rental truck company early to avoid delays. It can get pretty busy and you wouldn't want to lose time waiting in line.

Get Quotes
Make sure to get several quotes from different truck renting companies. To get the right quote you will need to know the size of a truck that will be sufficient for your move.

Contract and insurance
Make sure you understand your rental agreement. You can ask the rental representative to explain all the details. Check the insurance policy, and purchase it. Note: rented trucks usually are not covered by driver's credit card or his/her own auto insurance policy.