Moving Boxes VS. Ordinary Boxes

Believe it or not there are differences between a moving box and a typical cardboard box. A standard moving box can handle far more weight and resist ripping or crushing in compared to a regular box.  Moving boxes come in multiple designs to assist with specific moving challenges, here are a few types:

Wardrobe Boxes
These tall, deep boxes with built-in bars for hangers are perfect for transporting drapes and cloths from closets – just lift cloths straight from your closet directly onto the hanger bar in the wardrobe box. You can use the space at the bottom portion of wardrobe boxes for shoes or other short light items.  

File Boxes
You can certainly use a traditional moving box to move files, but file boxes are designed for transporting papers in file folders. Files are typically heavy and the size allows most movers to carry them with ease and not have to deal with a heavy file cabinet.

Cell/Dish Boxes
These boxes separate and protect dishes and glassware with internal dividers. If you use these for dishes remember to pack them on edge as if they’re in the drying rack. Stemware should be packed standing up and not on their sides.

Picture Frame Boxes
Designed to protect pictures, mirrors and small glass table tops, these boxes are usually long, flat and wide. If putting multiple items into one box make sure each items is wrapped and both items are snug in the box.

Overall box strength and specialty design differentiates moving boxes from typical cardboard boxes.