Welcome to Mendon, NY


The Town of Mendon is a high-income suburb, boasting 40 square miles of pristine horse farms, lovely country homes on tree-lined streets, and quaint villages. Most children here learn to ride horses and to appreciate the beauty of their surroundings. The region contains several charming locations including the village of Honeoye Falls, and the hamlets of Mendon and Mendon Center. Rolling hills, lush greenery and open views that stretch for miles characterize the region.

Who Lives Here

Families and professionals who choose Mendon do so for the beauty of the region and for the large homes found in this area, each offering plenty of land for children to roam. The beauty of Mendon is clear; and with the help of a solid town government, the area holds promise of remaining one of Monroe County's finest locations.


Those who call Mendon home enjoy a quiet life. Restaurants and pubs are available at the crossroads of Rt. 251 and Rt. 64, and in the Village of Honeoye Falls. There are also pharmacies, physicians, pet stores, gift shops, veterinarians and much more to be found within the Town borders.

Recreation & Entertainment

In the village of Honeoye Fall and the hamlet of Mendon there are several restaurants that provide great food and a lively night out, some offering live entertainment.

Transportation & Traffic

Rt. 251 (Rush Mendon/Victor Mendon Road) and Rt. 64 (Mendon Road) are the main streets that cross Mendon, with Mile Square Road and West Bloomfield Road also carrying much of the load. Normally, traffic is quite reasonable throughout the town of Mendon.

Pros & Cons

Wide-open spaces and sparsely populated neighborhoods are why people settle in Mendon. They enjoy the solitude of the region. Travel at night and in bad weather can sometimes be an issue as roads are dark, and streets often take sharp turns at high speed limits.

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